May 26, 2024

Memories Of Great Actor Rishi Kapoor

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One actor who has brought out the meaning of sacrifice and self-sacrifice in us is Rishi Kapoor. We have all seen the different stages of his life as an actor. But it is his most remarkable work in which he lived out his life to the fullest. Rishi Kapoor lost his life to cancer at the age of 33. He leaves us with fond memories of the great performances that he gave to our eyes.

When Rishi Kapoor was a young boy, he chose to take up acting seriously rather than studying. But when he realized that he had to take acting classes, he left his family and went to the footsteps of other actors. And later on he became one of the finest actors of our times. Even today, when people talk of a great actor, one name will come up for a second and that would be Rishi Kapoor.

One day, Rishi Kapoor was asking to do a film that was to be shot outside in the forests. They had to use a helicopter and this meant that they had to spend the whole day flying. Rishi Kapoor didn’t like this idea at all. He also wasn’t very keen on this particular genre, as he felt that helicopters were not very common or user friendly. He didn’t want to get down on the ground and take long shots.

But Rishi Kapoor changed his mind after he was given the green signal by the producer. He told the producer that he wanted to do the film. Later on he was asked to direct as well. With this change in mind, Patanjali’s words that there should be no acting in a film was passed by Rishi Kapoor, the actor. This is how Rishi Kapoor lost his life to cancer.

Kapoor himself had also lost his own fight to get the film made. He was told that it would be a flop at most and thus he decided to give it up. But then another great man named Karan Johar decided to give it a go. It was only after that the film got the green signal.

The story revolves around a king of swindlers named Narayan who wants to marry Sita. But she refuses to marry him. Instead, she tells her husband about her love and asks him to get rid of her because she has come to love this man. But her husband ignores her request. Sita then marries Narayan. However, when her husband dies, Sita realizes that she has made a mistake and vows to become a better person.

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